B2B Email Appending


Get Email Addresses to Connect With Your Customers Online

iTribe Solutions specializes in B2B Email Appending - which uses business customers' names, company names, and postal addresses to derive their business email addresses. Expand your marketing efforts by adding business email addresses to your in-house records.
B2B Email Appending is one of few iTribe’s niche services that ensure your ability to communicate with your B2B customers by providing their email addresses. Most business email addresses unlike personal or consumer email addresses adheres to naming convention standard set by the IT group of a company. iTribe Solutions refers to the company's domain/URL and their naming convention while creating valid email addresses for your database.
Connect with your Offline Customers Online with our Business Email Appending Service
  • Increase website traffic
  • Enhance your email marketing efforts
  • Communicate with your existing customers
  • Add revenue opportunities
  • Get your message delivered to the inbox
  • Keep your data clean and up-to-date
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