How do you benefit from Data Cleansing?

Did you know that your contact database is one of the most powerful marketing tools for your business? It is vital to cleanse and update your list regularly to ensure all the vital data remains fresh and accurate. iTribe provides marketers with powerful list cleansing options that will cleanse your list from any discrepancies present in your database.
  • Database Enrichment, and discovery of missing information e.g. Email Append, Phone Append
  • Standardize and clean-up contact entries
  • De-duplicate and merge duplicate records within the contact database
  • Monitor, update and enrich Contact Data on an ongoing basis
  • Phone Verification
  • Replenish leads and prevent data decay of your database
  • Improve your list integrity with accurate list cleansing
  • Increase response rates of your prospects or customers
  • Make the best use of your B2B and B2C contacts
  • Boost your sales and marketing strategy
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